Superior heat retention without the weight

Radiance™ fabrics are transforming the way product designers view thermal and signature management. Used in the construction of our  X-Treme line of parkas, trousers, blankets and sleeping bags  — Radiance™ materials greatly improve comfort and thermal performance while reducing product bulk and weight.  This will greatly enhance performance and style, while reducing signature exposure and improving overall user appeal.

How do Radiance™ Materials Work?

Radiation is the body’s largest source of heat loss; yet, most products with any claimed insulating value do very little to directly address radiant heat. Radiant heat loss is overcome by adding more bulk/mass insulation (goose down and/or synthetic batt, for example), which adds significant thickness and weight.

Radiance™ materials are designed to reflect thermal radiation back toward the body — allowing designers to create products that are lighter weight and more comfortable. Radiance™ makes it possible for every fabric component in a given design to play an active role in enhancing thermal performance.

How are Radiance™ Materials Made?

Radiance™ materials are produced using a patented process for depositing a blend of metal, metal alloy, ceramic, and organic layers directly onto synthetic fabrics. These materials combine to transform fiber surfaces into a long-lasting nanocomposite with significantly improved thermal performance. Because deposited layers are so thin (between 4 and 30 nanometers) there is no impact on hand, porosity, breathability, or any other bulk property of the underlying substrate.