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Thermal Blanket


Heat Reflective Thermal Blanket

  • Provides thermal mitigation—two weights available
  • Constructed with NIR signature management technology
  • Can be used as a component of any sleep system
  • Water repellant / Breathable / Wind proof
  • Made in the U.S.A. and Berry Compliant

United’s Rescue Blanket provides thermal mitigation and is constructed with NIR signature management technology. The soft ripstop fabric shells are water repellant, breathable, and provide durable abrasion resistance while the quilted thermal insulation optimizes heat reflection.

Blankets reduce radiant heat loss by reflecting thermal radiation back toward the body. CLO values are improved while adding less than 0.01 gsm to the base fabric.

The unique design of our rescue blanket adds a bottom pocket for feet for a hasty cover or as a drag litter. The features increase functionality for uses ranging from an everyday field blanket to an expedient sleeping bag. It may also be used as an extreme cold insulated liner inside a sleep system.

Use the included compression sack to store in a pack or cargo pocket.

Mens Sizing

Women’s Sizing

* Sleeve is measured from center back neck to wrist. This measurement should be +/- 1″ for shorts & longs

** Inseam is measured from crotch to floor. The garment measurement may be less than this measurement depending on how much the garment crotch hangs below the body crotch. This measurement should be +/- 2″ for shorts & longs


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