United is one of the U.S. military’s most trusted manufacturers of cold weather and flame resistant apparel.

We have been partnering with the armed forces for over 20 years.

We are Berry Compliant and can prove it on every one of our products.

We control the construction of our garments from the ground up, sourcing the fibers and yarns that make up our fabrics to achieve the finest quality.

We are also committed to preservation of the environment through the production of our fabrics and garments at every level.

In 2017 we introduced an ecofriendly Envirowear® line of garments, constructed using fibers that are extruded from recycled plastic water bottles then spun into the yarns used in our fabrics. We have now replaced all of our polyester fabrics with Envirowear continuing our commitment to protect the environment.

We produce the highest quality.

Our garments are manufactured under the strictest quality controls to provide the wearer with a quality product at the best value. Military, hunter, outdoorsman alike all are united to experience the highest quality protective clothing.

Our technology and innovation rises above the rest.

In 2020 we joined forces with Ocean State Innovations to develop a product line in support of innovative and cutting edge insulated thermal performance technology. Together we will introduce  thermal heat reflective & mitigating systems which will improve the way our Armed Forces are outfitted to operate in extreme environments.

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