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XTREME LW Sleeping Bag


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United’s Patented Thermal Reflective Technology

  • Lightweight, low loft nylon construction
  • Technical fabric reduces radiant heat loss
  • Provides warmth without bulk
  • Made in the U.S.A. — Berry Compliant

United’s Xtreme multi-use lightweight sleeping bag is constructed using Radiance™ fabric which provides thermal and signature reflective protection. Our sleeping bag will provide maximum comfort and protection in extreme conditions. Its light-weight/low bulk construction provides warmth and uses minimum storage space. The bag has a mesh and quilted head covering various conditions. It also has handles on each side for use as a casevac. Multiple zippers allow for venting at different areas.

Bag and bivy can be bought together or separately.

Mens Sizing

Women’s Sizing

* Sleeve is measured from center back neck to wrist. This measurement should be +/- 1″ for shorts & longs

** Inseam is measured from crotch to floor. The garment measurement may be less than this measurement depending on how much the garment crotch hangs below the body crotch. This measurement should be +/- 2″ for shorts & longs

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