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Army Combat Uniform (ACU) – Trousers


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United’s Army Combat Uniform

  • Supported by DLA Troop Support
  • NYCO ripstop fabric with NIR
  • Factory treated Permethrin repellent
  • Made in the U.S.A. — Berry Compliant

United’s Army Combat Uniform is assembled in the U.S. using NYCO ripstop 6.5 oz. fabric. The fabric is NIR compliant and abrasion resistant. Each garment provides Permethrin insect repellent protection.

The trouser is manufactured to MIL Spec GL/PD 07-14C. It is reinforced at the knees, thigh and shin pockets.

Mens Sizing

Women’s Sizing

* Sleeve is measured from center back neck to wrist. This measurement should be +/- 1″ for shorts & longs

** Inseam is measured from crotch to floor. The garment measurement may be less than this measurement depending on how much the garment crotch hangs below the body crotch. This measurement should be +/- 2″ for shorts & longs


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